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Video Production

Choosing a corporate training video production company

The training of new and existing staff represents a substantial cost to UK and international businesses. Staff induction, health and safety, and change management all contribute to the ongoing training that companies are required to update on a continual basis.

The cost to send professional trainers to offices in different parts of the UK and indeed the world can be extremely costly. Training video production is often used as a way of eliminating a proportion of these costs by offering training to staff in a video format.

When a company employs a new member of staff, it can take some time to introduce new members of the workforce to the processes and brand ethics that should be followed. Many companies rely on existing employees to offer day-to-day training to new members of staff. Whilst on paper this may appear to reduce training costs, the productivity of the business can be diminished as a direct result. Without professional training, new members of staff can inherit bad habits and inefficient methods of day-to-day processes. A training video production company will help you to provide engaging video based training to new and existing employees.

There are many additional costs, which are associated with traditional teacher lead training sessions. In addition to the trainers fee, office space, accommodation and travel all contribute to the overall cost of training. Corporate training video production companies can help to reduce some of these costs by providing an entire employee training programme on DVD.

Maintaining continuity whilst educating an entire workforce is a challenge that many businesses face. From time to time, companies may re-brand, need to respond to changes in the economy or introduce new systems or processes. For companies with national or international workforces, it can be difficult to communicate these changes to every member of staff. Corporate training video production allows businesses to deliver consistent, company-wide messages in a simple and easy to understand format.

Perhaps one of the most important responsibilities for any company is to ensure the safety and welfare of their staff. The role of health and safety training is to promote a safe working environment. Whilst it may be desirable to offer one to one or group based training to employees, cost can often be a prohibitive factor. A training video production company produces video content that allows training to be issued to staff in a video format.

Not only does training video production save a business money, it also allows for training to be given to employees instantly, thus eliminating any loss of productivity.