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Web video production: A short guide

Since the arrival of online video hosting platforms such as YouTube, online video has taken the world by storm. In the UK alone, 34.7 million people watched online video content for an average of nearly 17 hours each in November 2010. Businesses all over the world have become increasingly aware of the huge benefits that video presents. But it’s only the beginning. Now has never been a better time to consider including web video production in your marketing mix.

Internet video production is a term that has become associated with the production and delivery of online video content. In business, the most popular formats include promotional videos, virals and product demonstration videos. The important thing to remember is to have something important and useful to say. Be humorous and creative. The most successful examples of web video production are those that are entertaining and that encourage users to share the content with those around them.

Users tend to switch off to conventional advertising, so it’s best to avoid hitting them with a hard sale. Your Internet video production needs to be useful. Tell consumers something they don’t know. Surprise them. Provide them with some free advice. Demonstrate to them how your product or service will help them in some way.

Humour and creativity, when used appropriately can also be a hugely powerful tool in web video production. It is important to understand that consumers spend a great deal of time browsing the web for leisure and so entertainment is often key. Subsequently, videos that are either amusing or shocking tend to perform best across viral charts.

There are of course many different applications where humour isn’t suitable. A professionally produced promotional video can greatly help to build trust with consumers and to position a brand as a market leader. Away from the realms of viral advertising, it should not be ignored that a high quality Internet video production will leave a lasting impression on website visitors.