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Video Testimonials

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Video Production

Why produce video testimonials?

Video testimonials are short videos that feature consumers talking about their experience of using a product or service. This allows companies to support their claims with real life video testimonials from customers explaining how it helped them. As a result, video testimonials build trust with consumers, which can often encourage buyers to make a purchase.

Video testimonials provide huge benefits to companies selling products and services both on and offline around the world. Unbiased, third party recommendations are far more powerful than any seller generated advertising because they present believable, real life case studies. Video testimonials provide instant impact.

In addition, video testimonials can be used to educate consumers. Products or services that help people to solve problems often benefit from ‘how to’ videos. This provides a personal approach to showing the buyer how the product or service can make their life easier. Without clear demonstration, many buyers do not understand the benefits or potential uses of a product or service until they have read about it or watched a video.

By providing video testimonials from real people using the product or service, it allows potential customers to relate to the problems faced and the solutions presented by the product or service. Video testimonials allow the potential buyer to see the full potential of the product or service. When buyers see a video of your product or service being used by someone at home resolving the problem, it provides further evidence that it will work for them too. Video testimonials are a quick and easy way of proving that your product or service will be of benefit to your customers.

Review sites have become increasingly popular with consumers and are often consulted prior to making a purchase. Many buyers want to know what other customers think before they buy a product or service. Video testimonials help to prove to buyers that your product or service is the best and that they should buy from you.

In addition, Video testimonials can also be used internally to provide customer feedback on products and services. This allows businesses to truly understand what their customers think of their company, which can be useful for employee training and product development.