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Seevue Digital is a viral video production company based in London, UK. We produce engaging viral video content for the web.

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Choosing a Viral video production company

Viral video production is the process of creating video clips, which are shared over the Internet through email, social networking sites and other media sharing portals. Videos of this nature have adopted the term ‘viral’ because of the speed at which they can potentially spread around the world. Anyone can produce a viral video, but enlisting the help of a viral video production company will increase your chances of success.

In business, viral video production has become an increasingly popular marketing technique. In today’s digital landscape, the consumption of online video has enjoyed positive growth. In the UK alone, 34.7 million people watched online video content for an average of nearly 17 hours each in November 2010. A viral video production company will be able to advise on the best approach for the target audience.

Some of the most popular viral videos are successful because they are either humorous or shocking. Viral video production allows a product, service or brand to be subtly embedded into an entertaining video, that people will enjoy and which they will want to share with all of their friends. With consumers increasingly switching off to conventional advertising, choosing a viral video production company can be a cost effective solution.

Viral video production is best used as a creative means of promotion. This has shown to be extremely effective in recent campaigns such as T-Mobile’s famous dance sequence at London’s Liverpool Street Station or their spoof of the Royal wedding. A viral video production company will be able to help you bring your ideas to life.

A professional viral video production company will be able to provide much more than videos for entertainment. ‘How to’ videos have also become extremely popular with consumers. From recipes, to home DIY instructions, viral video production has become an effective means of producing useful content with widespread appeal. Product placement is often used in viral video production and allows advertisers to subtly showcase their products in a non-conventional advertising format. In addition, advertisers are also able to sponsor or integrate paid placements, which are relevant to the video being watched. For example, somebody watching a video about how to ski, might be interested in ski equipment and as such click through to the advertisers website.