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Video for Universities and Colleges

With tuition fees on the rise and increased economic uncertainty, there has never been a more important time to promote the value of a degree and the quality of student experience.

Seevue Digital specialise in doing just that. We film, edit and produce high quality promotional video content for Universities and Colleges across the UK, which can be viewed by your prospective students on DVD, on the move and online 24/7. We’ve worked with some of the largest education providers in the country and our work has been nominated for Heist Awards.

University of Bedfordshire: Student recruitment video 2011

What we did:

The University of Bedfordshire approached us with a brief to produce 3 x 10 minute films to promote the University to both UK and International students. We were tasked with producing a series of engaging videos that showcased the quality of the facilities and teaching offered by the University as well as the student experience that prospective applicants could expect. We conducted a wide range of honest and natural interviews with both students and staff, which provided an informal insight in to life at the University of Bedfordshire.

Working with a team who are experienced in the needs of education providers was a great bonus, as they implicitly knew what we were trying to achieve and had the ideas to deliver the right results – Paul Kitson, Head of Marketing, West Nottinghamshire College.